Step 1. Register on the site.

Step 2. Firstly create MyEtherWallet with this insctruction. (This site supports only desktop version)

Step 3. After creating the wallet on the same site you will see your "Account Address". It must be copied and inserted into the "Enter your Ethereum address" field in the personal account on the site

Step 4. Now you need to transfer money to MyEtherWallet. To do this, purchase Etherium. For sharing, use the BESTCHANGE or another service you want. For purchasing Etherium you should know your "Account Address" from MyEtherWallet.

Step 5. After purchasing, select "Send Ether & Tokens" in MyEtherWallet, then paste the code from on the site under "Invest Ethereum", click "Send Entire Balance". Set the GAS limit not less than 200,000. Click "Generate Transaction".

Step 6. In order to see your tokens, please use the following instructions: How to add TKT tokens in my wallet?

Step 7. Write us at chat "WELL DONE", lean back on your seat and think about investing a larger amount.

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