1. Open https://www.myetherwallet.com and go to “send ether & tokens” tab. 

2. Access to your wallet by "private key", type it in the section on the right.  

3. Click on “Unlock your wallet”.  

4. Fill the amount you want to invest to the contact address

Address: 0xa759794d39bD92f4E9A264F1092f2859f10d8a1c
Min payments 0,01 ETH

Advised gas limit 200 000 

5. Click on “Generate transaction” and then “send transaction”. 

6. Submit your transaction. 

7. For displaying TKT tokens in your wallet, click on “add custom token”  in the section “token balance”.

8. Fill the following information in fields : 

  • Address: 0x233cEa452C8B2E46F54d3772592EdfEb8eDBb763

  • Token Symbol: TKT

  • Decimals: 18 

9. Click on “save” button. Your token balance will refreshed and you’ll see the amount of TKT token you received. 

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