1. Login in your parity account. Open Settings tab and make sure that “contracts” application view is on. 

2. Go to your account page and click on “transfer” 

3. Fill in our ethereum address  and the amount you want to invest 

Recipient Address: 0xa759794d39bD92f4E9A264F1092f2859f10d8a1c
Minimal amount to transfer 0,01 ETH

Advised gas limit 200 000

4. Click on “Send” and Confirm the request by your account password 

5. Wait while your transaction is completed.  

6. For displaying TKT tokens in your wallet Open the «Contracts» tab and click on the "Watch" button  

7. In the opened form choose "Token" and click "Next"  

8. Fill the following information in fields :

Network Address: 0x233cEa452C8B2E46F54d3772592EdfEb8eDBb763
Contract name: TKT

Additionally, you can fill in “contract description”,e.g.: Crypto.Tickets TKT Token 

Now you can see TKT token in your wallet :)

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