At present using the Ethereum platform makes the project economics unstable (high gas price, scaling issues) so we have selected for it’s scalable, rapid, and cost efficient blockchain to launch the TKT token into production. Ethereum plans to launch a production scalable solution in 2018. 

EON Technology ( will be in production from the 4th October, 2017. This platform fully meets our requirements, and we have exclusive rights to leverage the platform allowing us to be in production within 7 months.

There are currently seven startups with plans to launch blockchain ticketing platforms, none of which are currently in production. is a cash flow positive business with strong venture backing. The business is scaling quickly and meets all requirements of the modern ticketing solution. The ICO will enable the creation of the backend blockchain for this platform, the missing link which will enable a full service solution.

That said, the solution is not exclusive to Tickets Cloud. One powerful competitive advantage is that we are building a universal solution for any ticketing system. is a foundation blockchain solution; the central hub which will regulate the interaction between all players in the market. Each event established in the system is a smart-contract, which is responsible for processing payments, issuing and returning crypto-tickets for their transfer and resale in the secondary market, the decentralised ticket exchange which works directly on the blockchain. The Ticket Chain is a universal solution for any ticket system, which gives it and its clients all advantages of blockchain technologies.

And one more difference - Aventus makes an Eventbrite competitor with blockchain - they will face heavy competition in the B2C ticketing market. We will build the first blockchain platform for ticketing systems which they will be able to use to provide this function to their customers for the organizers.

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