The project aims to solve a number of outstanding issues in the event ticket sales marketplace. Previous attempts to solve these problems through centralized systems have not worked because of the fear of monopoly. A meaningful solution must be in the form of an ecosystem for all players as opposed to some sort of service offered by a single company.

With this in mind, the project proposes to set up an infrastructure and general rules of the game - a combined backend-ecosystem for the sale of tickets in the primary and secondary markets, which allows the whole history of their existence to be tracked. Only a blockchain solution allows for such a system to exist with a truly decentralized organization and a fully distributed asset.

The blockchain allows for a completely secure, auditable, and transparent environment for transactions to take place, and the smart contract code presents organizers with the ability to set up hard terms and conditions for ticket distribution such as the number of tickets to buyer ratio, money movement logic, billing, and payments.

All players in the market can directly integrate their systems into the blockchain ecosystem as a marketplace to interact with primary and secondary market participants as well as consumers.

At inception our company will have the main role because we create protocol and manage the implementation. However in time the system will become increasingly self governing - a process driven by its foundation as a blockchain solution.

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