Tickets Wallet is an online wallet (Web & Mobile Apps), which is used for a decentralized storage of crypto-tickets and internal tokens of the system: Tickets Chain of coins (TKT).Working with the blockchain has never been so easy. Using the Tickets Wallet, a common user cannot even guess that all his operations with the ticket and tokens are happening decentralized, on the Tickets Chain blockchain. A working prototype can very soon be downloaded from GooglePlay and Appstore.

With the Tickets Wallet you can pay for your ticket in two ways: by TKT tokens and byfiat mo-ney (with an automatic use of the exchange gateway). After the purchase, thesmart-contract sends the crypto-ticket to the unique wallet in the Tickets Wallet. Whenattending an event, a user shows the ticket’s QR-code which is scanned and the entrysystem makes a record in the blockchain that the ticket is used. After the event is over,used tickets are canceled.The block architecture of the ecosystem lets use each of the productsseparately. Thus, not only the Tickets Cloud, but also any other ticket systems can beintegrated with the Tickets Chain, and the customers will get an automatic access to theTickets Wallet.The main value of the Tickets Wallet for a spectator lies in convenience of using tickets,protection from fakes. The organisers and distributors can communicate with theirspectators with the help of push-notifications, bonus setting programs in tokens and gettheir loyalty to the brand.

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