Traditional ticket agents or sellers work with event organisers, giving a ticket quota to a particular agent or distributing the quota manually between ticket operators. All approaches have one drawback - a limited number of sales channels, which in 90% of cases is a bottleneck in the process of ticket sales

We are building a GDS for the event market like Amadeus became for tourism all over the world. Tickets Сloud unites event organisers and ticket sellers and agents giving them the possibility to work freely, without any charges, and the access to our API for a sophisticated and easy integration with our service. 

For example: A major event organizer wants to sell tickets for the concert of a popular singer. Via Tickets Cloud he sets up ticket sales on multiple websites at the same time: on the official singer’s website, on agents sites, on unusual vendors’ websites which are normally not involved in ticket sales like Aliexpress. For organisers working with Tickets Cloud brings numerous benefits:

  • Principle of one common marketplace which gives customers full view of the tickets or seats available for purchase regardless of the website they chose to use. 

  • All customers' contact details are stored and kept if the tickets were bought through widgets.

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